Accessing the device and changing its PIN code

The cryptographic device has a PIN code that protects the information stored on it from being accessed by unauthorized persons. The PIN Code is printed in the letter you received from certSIGN. See example... (opens in new tab).

For safety reasons, it is recommended that you change this PIN code, as follows:

a) Connect the device to your computer.

b) Click on Start, select All Programs, choose Gemalto, then Classic Client and click on Classic Client Toolbox.

c) In the Classic Client Toolbox window, click on Card Administration.

d) In the next screen, select Pin Management and from the right-hand side of the window choose Change PIN; then click on Next

e) In the PIN Management window, enter the current PIN code of the device (The one printed on the letter you received from certSIGN) in the field Current PIN

f) Enter the new PIN code (at least 6 characters) in the fields New Pin and Confirm New PIN; then click on Change PIN.

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